You’ll Never Believe Where They Got Engaged

by Bryce Gruber

This Orlando couple got engaged in a truly unexpected way.

Long distance relationships can be tough, but when they work, they should be celebrated — and that’s exactly what Orlando, Florida-based, Chelsi and Marc, did by getting engaged on the bus that kept their relationship alive for so many years. The couple was selected from among nearly 900 entrants as the lucky winners of the Mega Proposal contest, which promised an expertly-planned proposal on a Megabus and a free engagement ring. (We’re just jealous they got engaged with a free ring!)

Chelsi and Marc relied on the city-to-city bus service to travel 216 journeys back and forth from Orlando to Atlanta during the course of their five-year long-distance relationship. The proposal was orchestrated by expert planning group, the The Yes Girls.

“The world as I knew it ignited with a chance encounter on August 19th, 2012,” Marc told BridalPulse of how he got engaged. “I was celebrating the birthday of my mother, the single most important woman in my life, not expecting that this moment at Hillstone Restaurant in Winter Park, Florida would change my life forever. She encouraged me to take a leap of faith and introduce myself to an unassuming waitress named Chelsi who captivated my heart from the second she spoke to us. Our love blossomed into a romance that destined our future together. There was just one catch — Chelsi was moving over 450 miles away to pursue a career in architecture in Atlanta, Georgia. As I still lived in Orlando, our transition into a long distance relationship became one of financial hardships. Flights and road trips far exceeded our travel budget, and we were desperate to find an alternative. By happenstance, during a long drive to visit Chelsi, I caught a glimpse of a megabus advertising trips for as low as $1. I knew this was the answer!”

A megabus-themed proprosal was obviously perfect for this loving couple, so Marc entered the company’s contest and was selected from nearly 800 applicants. For the proposal, Marc took Chelsi back to Hillstone Restaurant to enjoy an afternoon drink on their iconic dock, and after he slipped away to “use the restrooom” a fiddle player serenaded Chelsi to the tune of one of Hunter Hayes’ most popular songs. More musicians joined and continued to play the couple’s special song, leading Chelsi to a Megabus parked along the lakeshore. She was led onto the bus itself, where the interior had been transformed into a lush landscape of roses, tulips, orchids, and smilax.

Marc pulled a gorgeous yellow diamond ring out of a hidden pocket in his sock (imagine that!), and proposed.

The rest, as we say, is history, and they’re happily engaged now.

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