when to get botox before your wedding

Exactly How Long Before Your Wedding to Get Botox

by Bryce Gruber

Top docs agree you shouldn’t get Botox the week of your wedding.

Thinking about taking the needle plunge and getting your forehead, 11 lines, crow’s feet, or other areas Botoxed before your wedding? You’re not alone, but the idea of when to get Botox done before your wedding is a daunting idea for many. Should you do it as close to your wedding as possible to keep it “fresh” or wait a few weeks so it settles in? We caught up with top doctors to get the inside info on big day Botox (because hey, it’s part of the wedding planning).

The answer might shock you.

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“It’s best to start at least six months ahead of time,” explains Doris Day, a New York City dermatologist, clinical associate professor of dermatology at NYU Langone Health, and author of Beyond Beautiful.  “This gives time for your doctor to come up with the right treatment plan for you and help make sure you have the best results for your wedding. You will need to do another treatment at about five weeks before the wedding, which gives you a chance to go in for a check-up two weeks later to make sure it’s perfect and also make sure that you have plenty of time for healing in case you should bruise.”

That means the minute you pop your engagement ring on, you should at least be considering the photo-enhancing effects of a needle or two. There’s a chance your insurance may even cover it — thanks to Botox for headaches being a thing.

“Neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin are a reliable and safe treatment before a wedding to help make sure you feel great about your smile, can even out brows if one is lower or higher than the other, and also are known to not just make you look better but also feel better,” tells Day. She suggests injections between the eyes, known as 11 lines,  the sides of eyes (or crow’s feet), and the underarms to prevent excessive sweating on your prized white silk dress.

Plastic surgeons tend to agree that well in advance is the when to get Botox done without complications.

“I tell my patients they need at least two weeks before their wedding,” shares John Paul Tutela, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon based in Livingston, NJ and NYC. “This is because the medication takes about five to seven days to take effect. I always tell my patients you don’t want to get an injection a week or two before you need to be photo ready., because anytime you get an injection you may bruise.”

Dr. Tutela stresses that bruises can take up to 14 days to dissipate, and a gorgeous wedding is no time to deal with covering a facial bruise — especially when he says the crow’s feet area is the best pre-wedding Botox area out there. “In particular, the outside of the eyes, or crow’s feet, are great for picture taking,” he says. “You can wear a big smile all day and not worry about the skin heaping up on the sides of your eyes when you are at your happiest.”

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