Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions

The Emergency Essentials To Carry To Avoid Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions

by Katherine Callaghan

When your wedding day finally arrives, you’re on the ultimate cloud nine. You’re about to marry your best friend and nothing can stop your wedding day bliss. Or can it? Nothing will bring you back to planet earth faster than a broken zipper, a pull, or worse… deodorant smudge marks!  There’s a lot of moving pieces on your wedding day, and you or your bridesmaids don’t want to fall victim to any wardrobe malfunctions.

We spoke to stylist Jenny Altman, and here, you’ll find the emergency items she carries to avoid any dress-related disasters!

 Static Spray

No one wants a clingy catastrophe, do they?

Lint Rollers

No matter the fabric, it’s always smart to give the bridesmaids dresses once-over with a lint roller.

Sewing Kit

You never know if a button is going to pop off or if a bustle needs a little extra TLC, but a quick stitch can solve these blunders instantly. Altman even told us about her best friend’s wedding and how her sewing kit quickly came to the bride’s rescue. “Funny story, my best friend, moments before she was ready to walk down the aisle had to go to the bathroom. I went with her to help her slip off the dress, and the bottom of her dress flipped forward and smacked right into her red lip! So she had red lip marks right on the front of her dress! We were only a few minutes away from her walking down the aisle! I ran and got my needle and thread and literally sewed a front pleat into the dress.”


For any wedding-day emergency, you’ll find multiple uses for mini scissors.

Deodorant wipes

While the bride won’t have an issue with deodorant marks, white marks can quickly ruin a bridesmaid dress. Keeping extra of these in your bag is highly suggested.

If your bridal party is wearing stockings, carry extra

Rocking ripped stockings down the aisle is not a pretty look, trust us!

Nude seamless underwear

This one is meant for the bridesmaids more than the bride. Altman suggests always “carrying around a pair of nude seamless underwear. Thongs or bikini style. There was always one bridesmaid who realized the day of that she can see her underwear through the dress.”

Safety pins

“I always have safety pins in my bag because you never know,” Altman says. Carrying a few extra safety pins on a daily basis may not be a bad idea either.

Fashion tape

This double-sided adhesive is a miracle worker! It can help secure bra straps and even be used to secure the edges of a strapless dress to keep it from falling.  Altman adds, “It’s your quick fix to resolve any potential wardrobe malfunction.”

So what’s Altman’s final takeaway when it comes to avoiding bridal mishaps? “Basically just have extra of everything!”

Be sure to also shop some of our favorite (and adorable!) emergency kits that are perfect for those fast fixes. We even threw in an emergency kit for the groom (you’re welcome!).

Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions
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Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions
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Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions
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Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions
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Wedding Wardrobe Malfunctions
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