Save Money

How To Earn Money After Your Wedding, Straight From The Experts

by Katherine Callaghan

If 2018 is your wedding year, then the countdown has officially begun! A majority of wedding planning is learning to keep a running tab of your spending to ensure you stay within your wedding budget. After months of planning and preparation, the wedding day will come and go, and you’ll be left with all your wedding flowers, bouquets, and centerpieces–and it’s impossible to take it all home. Sadly, whatever is left behind at the venue gets trashed.  Such a shame, right? Thousands of dollars thrown away, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We reached out to some of our trusted wedding planners and coordinators to give us insight into how brides can give back to their community and receive a tax deduction for their wedding.

Anthony Navarro from Liven It Up Events gives us a little background into what exactly is considered tax deductible. “It needs to go to a charitable organization that can give you a receipt that can be used to write off a donation,” he says. “You would have to give to a Goodwill or another organization that is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 group that can do that for you.  Also, some venues are not-for-profit and will give you a receipt for a portion of the payment you make to them.  These include museums, zoos and so forth.”

Believe it or not, there’s a lot you can repurpose from your wedding. Carla Friday from Details Made Simple gives us a breakdown of what you can donate so it lives way beyond your big day and helps you receive a tax deduction.

Church Ceremony

“Sometimes if you are paying a ceremony fee, it may be tax deductible,” Friday says. “Check with your church and CPA.”

Your Wedding Gown

Don’t want your wedding gown taking up room in your closet? Friday suggests donating  “your wedding gown to a non-profit organization such as Making Memories, the I Do Foundation, or even Brides for a Cause. Your Wedding Day Coordinator can bring the dress to these companies on your behalf.” 

Wedding Flowers

“It’s heartbreaking sometimes when the night is over, and you have 20 beautiful centerpieces left over that you simply can’t bring home. You can give your bouquets and arrangements the second act if you will with companies like Rebloom, Petals With Purpose and Repeat Roses.”  Friday adds, “Some of these amazing companies will pick up the flowers directly from the location of your wedding and repurpose them for other weddings that weekend or use them to bring a smile to patients in hospitals and nursing home. They will provide paperwork and receipts making your kind act a charitable donation and tax deduction.”


“This is the most common write-off we see, Friday says. “In lieu of giving the traditional wedding favor, which let’s face it, most guests will either leave it or throw away eventually – couples are donating to a charity that is near and dear to them in honor of all the guests that attended their wedding. This is not only helping others, but also garnering yourself a tax deduction at the end of the year. It’s a win-win.”