perfect wedding guest hair

Try This Wedding Guest Hairstyle Inspired by the Oscars ASAP

by Bryce Gruber

We’re obsessed with this chic wedding guest hairstyle

There’s nothing quite as timeless as an elegant updo, which is why this gorgeous wedding guest hairstyle is our new favorite look to steal from the red carpet (and ideal to try as you’re playing with one of our fave golden pre-wedding face mask options). Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn first rocked this hairstyle to the 2018 Oscars, fresh off the slopes of Pyeongchang.

“‘Lindsey typically likes her hair down,” said Laura Polko of T3, of the look that doubles as the perfect wedding guest hairstyle. “But because of her beautiful custom, beaded dress, I thought it would look really great pulled back. It needed to be simple, but also tie in with what was happening with the dress. If it was too sleek, it wouldn’t match the dress.”

Just imagine how chic you’ll look in this while you sip a delish pink wedding cocktail. Plus, when your hair is up, it’s away from zippers and delicate buttons, meaning you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary wedding wardrobe malfunctions.

perfect wedding guest hair
Lindsey Vonn’s perfect updo

Here’s how to Polkow nailed the look, which she says works on a variety of textures and lengths:

  1. Work in volumizing spray and section damp hair. Starting at the back, work up section by section and dry hair with the T3 Cura Luxe Dryer and the T3 Paddle Brush. Direct the hair towards the back.
  2. Once you’re done drying the hair, get some more height by scrunching it with your hands.
  3. Next, I recommend taking the T3 SinglePass Compact to smooth all the baby hairs around the hair line, and use the flat iron to twist and direct the hair back. This creates a more effortless, natural look.
  4. Parted the hair diagonally in the back from the crown to the nape of the neck, so it’s an imperfect split down the middle.
  5. Next, take the left section, and starting at the bottom, twist the hair until it starts to to coil up. Then pin the coils to the head using bobby pins, directing some of the hair towards the right side of the head.
  6. Repeated this step on the right side, but instead, twist from the crown down and pinned the coils to the head. Make sure the coils are evenly distributed so one side of the head isn’t weighed down.
  7. To add some more texture and movement to the look, misted the hair with dry texturizing spray and then use fingers to lightly pull out pieces around the hair line and give it a little extra shape.
  8. To finalize the look, use the T3 SinglePass Wave styling wand on the wispy hairs in the front to really get the best shape and then finish with hairspray, but do your best to use a small amount to cut down on your risk of crunchy hair.

perfect wedding guest hair

“Shoulder length or longer hair can rock this style,” shared Polko. “Hair up and off the shoulders means it will last. No worries about hair falling, losing volume, or getting sweaty from dancing.”

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