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From One Bride-to-Be to the Next: A Guide to Help You Pick Out Your Wedding Colors

by Katherine Callaghan

If there’s one question that comes up most when I bring up my wedding to family and friends, it’s asking about my wedding colors. Your wedding color scheme really determines the mood and tone of your wedding. Your color palette flows throughout your day on everything from your bridesmaids dresses to the floral arrangements and centerpieces. With so many different color combinations to choose from, how’s a bride to choose? It’s been eight months since I got engaged and I’m still going back and forth between a few different color options (I know, what am I waiting for, right?). There’s a lot to take into consideration in terms finalizing the main colors of your wedding and its coordinating accent colors, and for me, it’s been one of the most daunting tasks of wedding planning. From one bride-to-be to the next, here are some helpful tips that have helped me begin finalizing and narrowing down on a color palette for my wedding.

Let Your Wedding Venue Give You Guidance

If you found your perfect venue, use this setting to your advantage. Look at all the details within your venue and get inspired. If your venue is full of gold accents, you may want to compliment this in your color palette by choosing blush or rose gold. Whether you choose an elegant ballroom or a more rustic venue, let the setting and backdrop inspire you!

Think of the Season

Before you even set a date, you probably had a season in mind for your wedding. The time of year you choose for your wedding can also set the mood, which ultimately helps with colors. For example, a beach wedding isn’t going to have the same color scheme as a winter wedding. Typically, soft and bright colors are associated with spring and summer weddings, whereas bold and dramatic colors are associated with fall and winter weddings. Of course, you don’t need to abide by these rules entirely, but just like anything else, it’s something to keep in mind so the overall flow of your wedding makes sense and is cohesive.

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

As a bride-to-be, some days, I find myself on Pinterest more than I am on any other social media channels. Pinterest is not only the perfect platform to help you get those wedding juices flowing, but it’s also a great place to see how other brides brought their color palette to life on their big day. For me, I found it most helpful to type in the colors I’m thinking on Pinterest and see how other brides executed this color palette. It’s a great visual to see how all the details will come together and if this is a viable option for you


Choose a Color You and Your Partner Can Agree On

Your guests are always on the lookout to see how a bride and groom’s personalities come to life the day of your wedding and a great way to achieve this is by incorporating your favorite colors! Even if your favorite color doesn’t fall in season with your wedding, there’s always an opportunity to have this color accented with one of your main colors!