The Best Wedding Cake Alternatives If Cake Isn’t Your Thing

by BridalPulse

You can never go wrong with cake for a wedding. It comes in a seemingly endless array of flavor and texture combinations and is sure to satisfy even the pickiest guest. It’s also a must-have if you plan on throwing cake at your new hubby (which is arguably the best part of any wedding we’ve ever been to.)

However, the wedding world doesn’t start and end with cake. If you’re one of the few that doesn’t like the idea of a towering cake, or if you just want to get a little more original, you have options. And yes, they’re all just as sweet.

Cinnamon Rolls

Wedding Cake Alternatives
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There’s a reason cinnamon rolls are a universal guilty pleasure. They’re soft, they’re gooey, and they somehow always hit the spot. They’re also the perfect option for a cake-less brunch wedding.
Make a cake out of the rolls, or serve individual cinnamon rolls to your guests. Either way, they won’t complain.


Wedding Cake Alternatives
Wedding Chicks

Sure, cupcakes are essentially mini cakes in theory, but they’re still an easy option to serve at any wedding. They already come serving-sized, and give you the opportunity to order many different flavors to satisfy even the pickiest guest.

Rice Krispie Treats

Wedding Cake Alternatives
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Sure, Rice Krispies might be synonymous with elementary school and extra lunch money, but what better way to show your guests that you’re still a kid at heart? Stack your favorite childhood treat in a delicious tower and let guests serve themselves. Plus, is there a better way to ensure the younger members of your wedding party eat at least something on your big day?


Wedding Cake Alternatives
Style Me Pretty

A pretty straight-forward (and impossible to spell!) dessert. This cone-shaped tower consists of French puff pastries, held together by threads of caramel drizzle. This dessert is served at weddings in Italy and France, and for good reason: it’s delicious and looks stunning in photos!


Wedding Cake Alternatives
Randy and Ashley

Want to serve a slightly healthier dessert? Opt for a cute fruit-tart! These bite-sized mini cakes are laden with bright fruits, which are perfect for guests that are over the usual menu of chocolate and calorie-laden treats.


Wedding Cake Alternatives
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Can you ever go wrong with doughnuts? If your wedding guests have a serious sweet tooth, these single-serving desserts are a perfect way for them to get their fix. Plus, guests can take any extras home without too much hassle!

Cheese cake

Wedding Cake Alternatives
La Fromagerie

We’re not talking about cheesecake here! The latest wedding cake trend has been, well, cakes made entirely out of cheese! Couples have been stacking wheels of cheese on top of one another as a dessert option for their cakes. If you’re not a sugar junkie, be sure to opt for mild and sweet cheeses, so your guests aren’t totally weirded out.

Sundae bar

Wedding Cake Alternatives
Baked by Joanna/Ten22 Studio

Fact: A summertime wedding calls for ice cream. Indulge your inner little kid and treat your guests to a self-serve ice cream station! Provide several different flavors and toppings for a guaranteed fun time.


Wedding Cake Alternatives
The Celebration Society

One of our favorite wedding cake alternatives? Waffles! Waffle cakes are perfect for breakfast junkies and anyone with a hankering for maple syrup. Plus, it’s the most Pinterest-friendly trend ever.


Wedding Cake Alternatives

What is it with breakfast food and weddings? Serve mini fluffy cakes to your guests, or personalize it by having a crepe station with all the fixings.

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