waterpark wedding

This Waterpark Wedding Was a Summer Dream

by Bryce Gruber

Splashin’ into matrimony

Move over, camp weddings, beach weddings, and all the other typical ceremonies that fun-loving couples opt for, because a waterpark wedding could be in your future. Yes, they exist, and no — you don’t have to get your hair wet.

waterpark wedding

“We had our reception just 45 minutes north at Kalahari Resorts & Conventions in the Wisconsin Dells,” shared bride Natasha Lucke of her unique waterpark wedding with groom Cory Lucke. “We chose Kalahari because it’s who I am. I’ve lived and breathed Kalahari since my family built it when I was in the seventh grade! It’s our family business and having our wedding at a place we own and operate felt really special. Kalahari also happens to be where I met my husband when I was just seventeen years old.”

Talk about kismet! The bride and groom opted for an “urban oasis” wedding theme since they both lived in Chicago at points and wanted to honor the big city feeling in a way that meshed perfectly with their Wisconsin roots.

waterpark wedding

“We had very contemporary flower arrangements, funky lounge furniture, and a red carpet photo booth and then we had trees in the room and barrels of beer.  It was a great mix of contemporary and the feeling of home. Our colors were sage green and gray.  Again, it was a mix of modern and natural. My new last name was going to be Lucke pronounced ‘lucky’ so we went with the lucky vibe and gave out shamrock cookies with sliver pearls.”

waterpark wedding

The couple held their ceremony and reception in the convention center portion of the waterpark, but guests were treated to the full on water-loving experience after.

So cute, right? And science actually proves that water can relieve wedding stress, so hooray for this whole theme.

waterpark wedding

“Kalahari is a great place for a wedding because it has a very neutral palette in the ballrooms and really fun African decor at the entry.  I love the unique entry and then we sheared the walls so we could control the light.  You can completely transform the ballroom into any look you want.  What’s great is how sophisticated your special night can be at Kalahari and then the next day you and your guests can ride down a waterslide and pretend you’re a kid again. I love that the resort offered a getaway, really a vacation, for our guests, not just a Saturday night wedding.”

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Photography: One Fine Day Productions, Jennifer Johnson Photography

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