Victoria and Jason’s Flawless Malibu Wedding

by Bryce Gruber

This Malibu wedding will give you all the feels

When Victoria and Jason Walden tied the knot last June, they made every effort to make their Malibu wedding a flawless, romantic experience for their mostly out-of-town guests. The couple’s formal-meets-comfortable wedding vibe was accented with big wedding bouquets, dusty mauve tones, and a deep appreciation of California’s local scenery and culture (and just miles from where Amy Schumer got married recently).

“Jason is a true SoCal guy, and was born and raised here, so he loves surfing and going to the beach whenever possible,” Victoria shared of how they chose their very special venue location. “About 80% of our wedding guests were traveling in from out of town (or even out of the country), so we wanted to give them the true Southern California experience. Our wedding was on a mountaintop in Malibu, California, that had sweeping views of the ocean and valleys. The theme was casual chic, which I think sums up LA pretty well.” It was perfect for capturing images of gorgeous romantic scenes.
Guests were treated to navy, gold, and blush decor themes, a bride decked out in a Lazaro wedding gown, and served California fare that was packed with local produce, including brussels sprouts, the vegetable that brought the couple together.
The California-theme didn’t stop at the food though, because each of the 90 guests received a party cracker which contained a colored paper crown, a joke, a mint, and some seeds to grow wildflowers ideal for warm California weather. The couple also used their big day to highlight some very loved family members.
“The date of our wedding, June 17th, is also the same date as my aunt and uncle’s wedding, Scott and Laura. Scott and Laura are some of our favorite people — they live in Rochester and both work in the wine/beverage industry. They actually provided all the wine for our wedding! Our wedding day was their 10 year anniversary, so we wanted to do something special for them. I remembered their first dance song at their wedding was Better Together by Jack Johnson. During speeches, after thanking everyone, we let everyone know how grateful we are that Scott and Laura were spending their big anniversary with us and that we wanted them to have a chance to celebrate themselves as well. Their song started playing and they were able to have the whole dance floor to themselves. It was really special!”
Photographer credit: Pamela and Loretta of Heirlume Photography
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