meghan markle's wedding dress by ralph and russo

Turns Out Queen Elizabeth Has To “Approve” Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

by Aly Walansky


Sometimes the roughest part of any relationship is negotiating drama with the in-laws. Now imagine if your future husband’s grandmother also just happened to be the Queen of England. That could make things rather complicated (even if you’ve already endured a Royal Tea class)!

Turns out that the Queen’s involvement in Prince Harry’s relationship didn’t end with her approving his future bride after a meeting after tea — she also needs to approve Meghan’s dress! If you’re wondering, this is how much Meghan Markle’s wedding dress costs, by the way.

Credit: Splash News

This shocking news was revealed when royal correspondent Emily Andrews appeared on ITV show Lorraine.

Markle will have two dresses — one for the ceremony, which the queen must get a sneak preview of and approve before she can wear — and then a second one for the reception that she does not need approval to wear.

“The Queen is also going to see a sneak peak of Meghan’s dress because she has to approve it beforehand,” she told Lorraine.

What if she says she doesn’t like it?” asked the show host, Lorraine Kelly.

“Well I think it’s a bit too late now, isn’t it?” said Emily, who is also a  royal correspondent at The Sun. Ack! That sounds like a whole lot more stress than any bride needs on her wedding day.

meghan markle's wedding dress by ralph and russo
Meghan Markle’s wedding dress could be similar to this Ralph & Russo gown, Credit: Splash News

For anyone who thinks this is a formality, it’s not: The Queen has disapproved in the past. In fact, she is said to have thought Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding dress was horrible.

Kate wore it anyway though. GO GIRL POWER.

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