Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Set Wedding Date

The Weird Thing Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Are Spending BIG On

by Bryce Gruber

It’s not what you think.

Are you sitting down, perhaps on your royal throne for this bit of really interesting royal wedding news? We hope so, because it turns out amidst all the big wedding bouquets, royal wedding ring traditions, and other fancy hoopla surrounding the couple’s May 19 nuptials, there’s a little-known detail the couple is not messing around with. Toilets (or as the royals called ’em, “the poshest portaloos”).

That’s right. According to Vanity Fair, “The couple has instructed wedding planners to find ‘the poshest portaloos money can buy’ so that guests can relieve themselves in the utmost comfort.” Makes sense to us, but what even is the poshest portaloo, anyway? Is it encrusted in jewels? Literally throne-like? Self-flushing whilst misting do-ers in organic and locally-sourced essential oils blended to give an especially regal sense of enjoyment? We need to know.

poshest portaloo
Does this count as one of the “poshest portaloo” options out there?

The article explains that Meghan and Harry aren’t just spoiled party poopers — there’s a good reason for their over-the-top desire. “The couple is having a wedding dinner and party at Frogmore House half a mile south of Windsor Castle, in the grounds of Home Park, and a grand tent is being erected for the party of the year. But Meghan and Harry and their team of wedding planners are finding that hosting a party in such an old house comes with challenges. Frogmore House was originally built in the 1680s, and though it has been renovated and restored over the years, the main house doesn’t have state-of-the-art plumbing to cope with hundreds of guests.”

It’s a major issue though, as many of the attending guests will be in from out of town, and everyone knows it’s hard to poop when you’re traveling. It just is.

If you’re invited and haven’t sold your soul by way of NDA, please share your posh portaloo images with us over on the BridalPulse Facebook page, will ya? We’ll be waiting.