summer wedding cocktails

Summer Wedding Cocktail Idea: The Clore Park Swizzle

by Bryce Gruber

Sweet, savory, and totally chill

In the ongoing pursuit of the perfect wedding reception, couples are turning to signature cocktails for the bride and groom, and while you may have your own idea of what you think is utterly delicious, we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t tell you about the Clore Park Swizzle, a drink that originated at New York’s trendy Nur Restaurant. This summer wedding cocktail is icy, sweet, smooth, savory, and even a little spiced.

It’s everything you’d want out of a good marriage.

If you’re unable to make your way over to Nur, or New York in general, for a perfect summer cocktail making (and tasting) session, don’t worry — your catering team can recreate it as long as they have a source of crushed ice or even a snow cone maker. The Clore Park Swizzle ingredients include Chateua Musar Arak, rum, fresh grapefruit, fresh lime juice, Pechaud Bitters, and burnt lime. Easy enough, right?

The key is to mixing the ingredients, color by color, before pouring them over the ice to achieve the rainbow-like effect. If you’ve never tried arak before, this is the time, and no — you can’t sub another alcohol. It’s the arak that gives this drink such a distinctive flair, and it’s the preferred alcohol of the Middle East. As with all things Levant-inspired, add a sprig of fresh mint for garnish.

Wondering what to pair this perfect summer cocktail with? Try giving your wedding guests tables of fresh, delicious mezze like warm pita triangles, pink hummus, grilled veggies, and skewered dishes for easy walking, talking, and drinking.

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