stress relief scents

Stress Relief Scents You Need on Your Wedding Day

by Bryce Gruber

What anxiety?

Forget the wild ups and downs you’ve had with family members, finding the perfect wedding dress, lining up the biggest bridal bouquet of the year, and gifting your super helpful bridesmaids — wedding day stress is major even in the best cases, which is why we rounded up a few of the best stress relief scents to wear on your big day. At least you can take the edge off and smell delish, right?


stress relief scents
Chamomile Tea, $17.85 at

“Chamomile is associated with relaxing and calming effects,” explains Mark D. Crames, CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library. While it’s delicious in your tea, it’s also one of the best stress relief scents to add to your personal perfume library, and there’s real research that suggests Mark’s words will ring true for you. Using chamomile tea in your beauty routine before your wedding is also a good idea.


stress relief scents
Tuberose Fragrance Body Spray, $55 at

The elongated, tube-like blossoms of the tuberose flower are popular additions to this year’s trendy big wedding bouquets, but the essential oil offers one of the best stress relieving scents out there. In fact, tuberose essential oil is linked to improved memory performance and signaling the same chemicals that produce the feelings of love. Sounds perfect for your wedding, doesn’t it?

Orange Blossom

stress relief scents
Roos & Roos Nymphessence, $225 at

Does orange blossom surprise you as a stress relief scent since it’s so bright, airy, and ethereal? It shouldn’t — because all that happiness also quells stress and anxiety, and orange blossom essential oil is actually a favorite of holistic practitioners for keeping negative mojo at bay. Added to notes like musk and freesia, it’s a stress-relief home run you’ll love.

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