2017 Wedding Dress Trends: The Great Gatsby

by BridalPulse

If there’s one fictional character that indisputably serves up great style, it’s Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby.” Sure, her morals might be questionable at best and her choices in partners leave a lot to be desired, but her sartorial sense? Spot on.

Daisy epitomizes what we love about the roaring 20s: drop waists, body-skimming silhouettes and plenty of beading. The decade was a time for opulence, glamour and drama and our girl Daisy is the poster girl for just that.

This spring, dress designers have been all about the luxe feel of the Jazz Age. From the showstopping drop waists at Vela to delicate beadwork at Eve of Milady, Daisy Buchanan would be all about the romantic flourishes of the season.

Dramatic Drop Waists

Spring 2017 Gatsby Wedding Dress Trend

Drop waists aren’t just for Lady Mary’s wedding dress. It’s a tricky style to pull off: unlike a fit-and-flare, a drop-waist draws attention to your hips as opposed to your waist, which can be both a bad and good thing! The NC Sposa gown (left) would do wonders for girls with a similar waist-hip ratio, while the curve-hugging bodice of the Vela gown (right) would be a hit with girls with hourglass figures.

Fancy Fringe

Spring 2017 Gatsby Wedding Dress Trend

Fringe might be synonymous with Coachella, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you want a bit of movement on your gown or if you want to channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens, don’t be afraid of incorporating fringe! The Badgley Mischka (left) would work well for girls wanting to distract from their midsection, while the Luisa gown (right) is perfect for brides that envision their walk down the aisle to be more of a sashay.

Beautiful Beading

Spring 2017 Gatsby Wedding Dress Trend
“Beading” might be to “bridal” like “flowers” are to “spring”, but for Spring, they look is back in a big way. Gowns that feature all-over beading (like the Rivini style on the right) are decidedly Gatsby-esque, while the Eve of Milady style on the left is a more modern take on the trend. Don’t think we didn’t notice that drop waist, too!

Graceful Geometry

Spring 2017 Gatsby Wedding Dress Trend

Art Deco was everywhere during the 1920s: architecture, art, fashion and of course, bridal. The geometric designs on the Watters (left) and Enaura (right) gown are a flawless combination of modern silhouettes and 20s-inspired patterns. Needless to say, both of these gowns are the perfect mix of something old and something new.

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