The Biggest Spring 2017 Engagement Ring Trends

by BridalPulse

First things first: congratulations! You’re here either because you’re looking for a ring for your boo, or you’re looking to drop hints to your partner about what kind of ring you know you deserve. Either way, you’re doing the right thing (and if it’s the latter, this will surely get the message across.)

Rings — like wedding dresses — fall prey to trends. Sure, bigger might’ve always been better, but you want to ensure your ring is timeless without necessarily dropping a huge chunk of change on it. The ring is for forever and you want to make sure you get it right, and don’t focus too much on what’s in one season and out the next. You want it to look timeless but still worthy of being shown off on Instagram or to discerning friends and parents!

Here are our favorite engagement ring trends that are still classic enough to always be in style.

Halo or Bust

Spring 2017 Engagement Ring Trends
Brilliant Earth

A halo cut ring features smaller stones set around the larger stone to draw the eye. While halo rings have always been a huge trend among brides and brides-to-be, we’ve been noticing a lot more rings in vivid colors — think pink, blue and green — as the focal point.

Which brings us to our next trend:

Getting Colorful

Spring 2017 Engagement Ring Trends
Sarah Kate Photography

Long gone are the days that an engagement ring can only be a crystal-clear diamond! Some of the most memorable rings we’ve come across all feature a sparkler in a pop of color! Not sure where to look? Explore yellow, pink and blue options.

You also aren’t limited to using a diamond. Try a sapphire or emerald, or if you’re looking for an affordable option, the soft rosy pink of a morganite gemstone will elicit plenty of (good!) shocked gasps for the the big reveal.

Keeping It Classic

Spring 2017 Engagement Ring Trends
S.KIND & Co.

A solitaire ring is like a little black dress — it’ll always look good and virtually never go out of style. A single diamond will always be a showstopper. The emphasis is on cut and clarity here, not size: even a smaller diamond has the potential to be a showstopper.

Opt for Old School

Spring 2017 Engagement Ring Trends
Ken and Dana Design

Don’t be afraid of going retro! A vintage ring will be as one-of-a-kind as it gets, which eliminates the fear that someone halfway around the country or world is rocking the exact same ring for you.

See if you can find out the ring’s journey prior to purchasing it. Many are family heirlooms or pawn shop finds that were re-set with new stones and polished. You never know: your love story can be intertwined with someone else’s from centuries ago!

Unique Shapes

Spring 2017 Engagement Ring Trends
Lynn Dunston Photography

When’s the last time you’ve seen someone rocking a marquise cut? What about a pear cut? You’re about to see a whole lot more of them!

Unusual diamond shapes are one of the biggest Spring 2017 engagement ring trends! They can be set in a halo or as a solitaire, or can play well in any sort of shape design you’re thinking of! Don’t overlook these cuts — they’re beautiful, unique and “I do!”-worthy.

On the hunt for the perfect ring? Be sure to check out our ring gallery for inspiration!

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