smell like wedding cake

Now Your Whole House Can Smell Like Wedding Cake

by Bryce Gruber


Ready for some deliciously fragrant news? Good, us too. It’s official: your whole house can smell like wedding cake now thanks to Gibson & Dehn’s line of candles and diffusers in Vanilla Chiffon scent.

Assuming you opted for the most popular wedding cake flavor of all time, vanilla, and not a trendy cheese wedding cake, filling your home with the scent of wedded bliss is possibly the most uplifting idea ever. The Gibson & Dehn website describes the scent as, “Vanilla bean and a hint of toasted almond folded into ribbons of whipped sweet cream.” Sounds divine, right?

smell like wedding cake
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If you’re feeling REALLY over the top, you can lay down some cute wedding cake hints for your guests by placing these lit candles around your bridal and engagement parties. Something will smell and taste very, very familiar by the time they arrive at your reception. Even better, there’s real science that suggests the scent of vanilla is a major mood enhancer.

According to Chemistry of Spices vanilla has been considered an aphrodisiac for literally centuries. A study by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation found that vanilla, as well as other scents including lavender and pumpkin pie produced an increased in “male performance.” Vanilla was especially effective in older men, which leads us to believe Vanilla Chiffon candles could be the solution to a long-lasting marriage.

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