Royal Wedding whisky

This Royal Wedding Whisky Costs More Than Some Weddings

by Aly Walansky

Royal Wedding whisky, anyone?

It’s fair to say that the Royal Wedding will be far more opulent than any of us mere humans will ever be able to afford (just take a look at how much Meghan Markle’s wedding dress costs). It’s probably more expensive than British taxpayers can afford as well, but that’s not our call. However, it seems there’s a whisky in honor of the nuptials which is more expensive than many of our own weddings!

Royal Salute has released Royal Wedding Edition of their drink in honor of  the Royal Wedding, and gifted the first bottle of the limited run to Harry and Meghan.

It’s rather fitting: This Scotch whisky brand was founded originally commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II! If ever there was a Royal Wedding whisky, this would be it.

royal salute royal wedding whisky

There were just 70 of the limited edition bottles created, which we are all free to buy as well, if we have a cool $10,000 burning a hole in our pockets. Each of the bottles is made of Dartington Crystal and comes in an oak box, and is engraved with its number to signify the limited run.

The bottle’s design also has daffodils, which refers to Harry’s official title, Prince Henry of Wales (the daffodil is a national symbol of Wales), and also California poppies, for Meghan Markle. And in a sweet nod to Markle, the blend was matured in American oak casks – a first for Pernod Ricard-owned Scottish Royal Salute. Touching, right?

“By marrying together some of the oldest and rarest whiskies in our portfolio, and ageing them in American oak casks, I have created a harmonious blend to match the coming together of such an iconic couple,” Sandy Hyslop, Royal Salute master blender, told The Spirits Business.

Cheers to the couple! We’ll be toasting with the cheap stuff over here (and read this if you’re wondering what the difference between whisky and whiskey is, anyway).

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