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Ring Layering is a Major Trend, Here’s How to Try It

by Bryce Gruber

Sometimes more = more

Between your gorgeous engagement ring and chic alternative wedding band, you may feel like you’ve already been ring layering — but adding even more beautiful baubles is this year’s biggest jewelry trend.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals

ring layering mixed metals

“Ring layering is so popular because it is an easy and fun way to accessorize any look,” says Colleen Babul, stylists operations manager for Snap+Style Business. “When done correctly, it ups the cool factor of your outfit.I am a big fan of mixing metals!  This is all based on your personal preference and which metals you like to wear. A good rule of thumb is to stick to mixing two different kinds to avoid clashing. I love mixing gold and silver or gold with rose gold.”

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Start small and work your way up

ring layering

“If you want to go for a more understated, minimal look just try mixing and matching lots of delicate rings — try to stack a few on one finger and then add single ones on the surrounding fingers,” shares Cris Pearlstein, stylist and freelance fashion editor. This ring layering tip works particularly well with on-trend tiny engagement rings.

Stack your wedding rings

wedding ring layering

“I absolutely love stacking all wedding-related rings! In fact, on my own ring finger you can find the following: my engagement ring, my plain wedding band, a ring my dad gave my mom many many years ago, and a ring my husband gave me for Christmas last year,” says Pearlstein. “They are all different metals and different styles but other than the engagement ring, they all have a band-like look about them. If you want to try to get creative with your wedding finger I think the best thing to do is to follow your heart — mix rings that have sentimental value and you can never go wrong.”

The middle finger can handle the most rings

ring layering trend

“The middle finger has ‘stack power,'” explains Brandi of Styled by B. Nicole. “Representing the center of the hand, choose bolder, heavier pieces for this finger while balancing it out with simpler bands among the rest. Feeling flirty? Opt for a ring that features chain detailing for a greater affect.”

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