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Rick Ross Dating Advice: Everyday We Should Be Hustlin’ More

by Bryce Gruber

It’s in the details

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that BridalPulse sat down with game-changing rapper, Rick Ross, for an exclusive interview on his overall philosophies on love, life, and details. It was in the details that we really connected to Mr. Ross, also affectionately known as “Rosé” by his companions and fans due to his deep, and seemingly everlasting love of the famous pink drink.

“When it comes to love, you gotta focus on the details,” Ross told us. “That’s for a man, a woman, anyone. Don’t think when you’re sitting across from me at the table I’m not noticing your manicure. I’m noticing everything about you. I want you to put that time into yourself.”

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While Ross’ devotion to details may come as a surprise for those unfamiliar with his lyrics, his longtime fans won’t be shocked. The man who has been famously quoted saying, “Money ain’t a thing, just look at my pinky ring,” is now on a mission to beautify the entire human race. In addition to bringing his very real, very important Rick Ross dating tips to the people, he’s also launching his own grooming line, appropriately called RICH by Rick Ross.

Each and every product in his grooming line boasts in-demand ingredients like champage, caviar, and elements of marijuana. Using a few drops of his shine-enhancing Luxury Beard Oil is like a very quiet, elegant walk through one of his songs, and it’s an experience he wants the whole world to have.

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“It’s not just about the champagne and caviar,” he explained. “I just know this line is about enjoying life. Life is precious, and any way you can enhance yourself is a plus. Enhancing your personal self, whether that’s your beard game or whatever, is the next step. I went to Africa, I went all over the world, and my beard is pretty popular because I’ve been taking care of that shine. I wanted this line to be the upper echelon of the game, but created from the finest ingredients, and also still be attainable for the real people. I tested everything, I tried everything, I’m really proud of it. I’m an artist.”

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Rich by Rick Ro$$

The Rick Ross dating rules about details apply to everyone in every aspect of life, he says. “It’s so easy to be just complacent, but if you’re not being yourself and enjoying yourself to the fullest, how can you expect anyone else to do that? When I’m sitting in the office and I’m negotiating and talking business, and I have someone sitting looking at my face for hours, I need to be at my personal finest. A real boss is going to put the work into details into himself, like his face and his beard, and he’s going to take care of himself for the whole world.”

He took the time to outline a few mantra-like questions every man should ask himself before stepping out on his next date with anyone from a casual acquaintance to a business lead to a soulmate:

Are you spending time with yourself, personally?

Are you really putting in the effort to get dressed?

Are you getting up a little early and mentally preparing yourself for the day?

Are you ready to do something big and great today?

If the answer to any of Mr. Ross’ questions is no, he wants you to know that you are great, you are loved, and you deserve better. So does your partner.

“The way you treat yourself is a reflection of how you’ll treat me. The details — they begin with you.”  Sage wisdom from the boss, Rick Ro$$.

You can check out his full product line here.

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