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8 Reasons You Need A Doughnut Wall At Your Wedding

by Katherine Callaghan

Doughnut walls have become an increasingly popular bridal trend. A wall full of doughnuts seems pretty perfect, doesn’t it? Innovative desserts are a great way to not only satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth, but it’s also a great way to keep your guests talking about your wedding long after it’s over! This is a wedding movement that’s going strong and here are the 8 reasons why you should incorporate a doughnut wall into your big day!

It’s a wall. Of. Doughnuts. Enough said!


No one can resist a good doughnut pun!


Doughnut walls come in all sizes and we love every second of it!


It’s makes for a great photo backdrop


Doughnut walls can coordinate with every wedding theme


Doughnut walls also serve as wedding decor



Could be a great DIY project


They are adorable (if that’s not a good enough reason then we don’t know what is!)