purple wedding bouquets

Purple Wedding Bouquets Will Inspire Your Planning

by Bryce Gruber

We’re obsessed with purple wedding bouquets right now

Purple wedding bouquets are having a very big moment — in fact, purple is quickly becoming one of the top shades in this year’s super trendy big wedding bouquets that remind us of royal weddings and vintage floral moments of the past.

purple wedding bouquets

“Purple wedding bouquets are always popular, but are more popular now because the Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet,” explains Christy CeCe” Todd of CeCe Designs. “Designers, Planners, and brides all like to be on the forefront of a trend, so the Pantone Color always gets used more often each year.”

It’s not just Pantone-obsession keeping purple wedding bouquets in the constant mix, though. Purple is a color traditionally associated with royalty, and purple blooms are said to represent dignity, pride, and success — all traits new couples are eager to express at their weddings.

purple wedding bouquets
Eric and Jamie Photography
“I personally feel it is easier to use a muted purple palette, because when brides pick the brighter and bolder purples it can look cheap and dated if not accented properly by the rest of the design,” says CeCe. “It’s more about how they use the color and less about what type of flowers are used, but flowers that I would suggest would be purple hydrangea, although it must be natural, not dyed or painted. Other good flowers for purple wedding bouquets are ranunculus, anemones, hellebore & clematis — and I’m super in love with the purple rose known as amnesia.”

CeCe recommends carrying the bride’s bouquet theme through the rest of the wedding with elements of purple flowers accenting tables, note cards, and even the wedding dais itself.
purple wedding bouquets
Rob and Wynter Photography
“The large garden and gathered bouquet isn’t going anywhere, and we have an equal amount of brides wanting loose, traditional bouquets which are more rounded bouquet with lots of texture and we’ve even seen the cascading bouquet make a return for our high-glam brides.”

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