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Try This Trick to Protect Hair Highlights from Sun Damage

by Bryce Gruber

Good hair, totally care

If you just turned up your bridal hair color a notch or two by adding some highlights — subtle or not — you’re going to want to keep them in great shape. After all, bleached and colored hair is more prone to sun damage than virgin tresses, and has a tendency to turn brassy shades of orange if it’s not cared for properly.

“You definitely need to protect those hair highlights at all costs,” explains Nick Stenson, Matrix celebrity stylist. “If you’re spending all this time and money to get those honey and caramel shades just right, why are you going to ruin them after one day at the beach? It doesn’t make sense, and I always tell people to bring their spray SPF to the beach and spritz it in their hair, too. I like higher SPF numbers like 50, and it’ll protect hair, add some moisture, and even give you some fun texture to play with at the beach.”

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Credit: brickrena

It sounds like a spray-ready SPF is the trick to avoiding sun damage and brassiness (hooray, perfect honeymoon hair). We love the Babybanics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen SPF 50 because it’s non-aerosol, waterproof, dermatologist-tested, and has no PABA, phthalates, parabens, fragrances, or nano-particles. Basically, it’s safe enough for you to spritz all over your body, your baby’s body, and your crunch-free hair.

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Nick also suggests using a good cleansing shampoo after your beach days to get any SPF residue out, and then using a fair amount of Matrix Miracle Creator Multi-tasking Treatment to seal in hydration and keep damage, crunchy hair, and frizz far from your mane.

protect hair highlights


“This stuff really is a miracle,” he told BridalPulse enthusiastically. “It’s great if your hair is already damaged, but if you’re just trying to protect hair highlights or have really soft, shiny hair, this is the trick.”

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