These Real Couples Got Engaged This Week!

by BridalPulse

Every week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite snapshots of real couples — be it their engagement stories, wedding snaps and everything in between! This week, we’re all about the beautiful engagements we’ve seen all over social media. These proposal photos are totally adding a little sparkle to the end of our week!

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This couple that took their love to infinity and beyond

I said yes ❤️?

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This couple that hit the ice

This couple that’s all about Starbucks lovin’

This couple that can’t hold in all their excitement

#helikeditsoheputaringonit #engaged

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This couple with a glittering proposal

The best things in life come in its perfect timing. @miageronimo ?#shesaidyes

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This couple bundled up

Best feeling ever! #shesaidyes

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This couple with a dramatic backdrop

1 year of planning.. but 2 years & 3 months of knowing without a doubt. Thank you for being the most amazing woman in the world, and thank you for saying yes. I’m a speaker by nature but I almost didn’t make it through that lol. Glad I got to tell you all the stuff I forgot to say later! There’s a great big world out there I and promise to give you all of it. Our future is so bright! I love you.. Now let’s plan a wedding!! Special thanks to @bigschatzi and @creakynoggs for giving us a reason to go to Iceland and all your help. Also thanks to @pinkiceland for your help. I planned this all in secret, but I couldn’t have pulled it off with out you guys. #IceLandEngaement #ParisCelebration #Drewlissa2017? #SheSaidYes #Feyoncé P.S. also thank you for saving my life the day before when I was so nervous that I stabbed myself in the hand with a serrated knife and almost bled to death ? @lovemylolita

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This couple who brought Southern flair

And this couple hit up the slopes

Such a rad morning. Congrats Cassie and Justin.

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