Helzberg Diamonds is Selling a Pre-Engagement Ring Now

by Bryce Gruber

It’s never too soon.

At least that’s what Helzberg Diamonds, thinks, because they’re now selling a Will You? ring — a literal placeholder for a proper engagement ring. Now, who exactly is this ring for? Glad you asked.

Helzberg says it’s for engaged couples who just haven’t found the right engagement ring yet, perhaps due to extremely particular taste or budgets, but we think this is likely to catch on in a whole different circle — the longtime daters of the world. There are a lot of reasons couples may go years fully in love without tying the knot, and an open commitment ring like this one could ease stress, family, and societal pressures to rush.

pre-engagement ring

According to the Helzberg Diamonds website, “A new approach to proposing, The Will You? Ring takes the pressure off of popping the question. Get the “yes” now, and choose the ring of her dreams later. Together. The way you do everything else. Here’s the best part – buying The Will You? Ring means you qualify for significant savings on Helzberg Diamonds Engagement Rings.”

It’s sterling silver, and a very affordable $50.

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