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Perfect Honeymoon Hair? You Need this Shampoo

by Bryce Gruber

This’ll surprise you

In your pursuit of perfect honeymoon hair, you’re probably studying our honeymoon packing list and wondering why it’s not filled with oodles of Sephora-ready shampoos, conditioners, serums, leave-ins, and all sorts of other stuff. Here’s some shocking news: we actually think the best honeymoon hair products are in the kiddie section, and there’s good reason for it.

“Excess chlorine on human hair is like water being poured over cotton candy,” says Arturo Swayze, owner of ManeSpace, a bridal hair destination in New York City. “Chlorine dissolves and crystalizes the keratin coating, the protective coating that gives hair its shine and flexibility. The crystalized chlorine pushes in between the hair cuticle, breaking down the hair bonds, leaving hair fragile, exposed hair in its wake. Natural redheads are the most susceptible to chlorine damage.”

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St. Maarten Beach via The Luxury Spot

Sounds like a week or two by the pool for your earlymoon or destination honeymoon could lead to some seriously crunchy hair, and that’s the opposite of what perfect honeymoon hair is supposed to be about. Even if you steer clear of the pool and head straight for the beach, your tresses could be in trouble.

“The sun’s UV rays not only dehydrate and damage the hair cuticles, resulting in parched, inflexible, dry and brittle hair, it also affects hair pigmentation. UV rays oxidize hair amino acids, giving it a yellowish tone. UVA rays also penetrate the hair cuticle, degrading hair pigment inside the hair cortex,” says Arturo. While most women might run for a clarifying shampoo to rid their hair of chlorine, salt, sand, and vacation-related grime, he says that’s the opposite of what we should be doing — and the solution may actually be in the kid’s hygiene aisle. “Clarifying shampoos have a high level of surfactants that are formulated to remove build-up of waxy and greasy hair conditioners, styling products and oils. It’s like using dish detergent to cut grease. People should only use it in extreme cases, like when they’ve spent a week on the beach and their hair is coated in oils.”

So what’s a girl seeking perfect, low-maintenance honeymoon hair to do? “Steer clear of most shampoos on the market,” he says. “Invest in shampoos formulated to eliminate chlorine and copper while moisturizing the hair, and look for formulas without parabens, alcohol, and glycol, as they can dry the hair even more.”

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Instead, opt for a kid-safe brand like Fairy Tales Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo, which uses orange flower extract, grapefruit, and lemon to gently cleanse damaged hair while restoring vitamins and minerals to each strand to naturally detangle. Did we mention it’s color-safe, too? You probably won’t find that in your adult-hair beach products, which is why we’re obsessed with this line, and think it’ll make for the best honeymoon hair your Instagram account could ever dream of. Oh, and it’s under $10 a bottle.

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