nude sunbather

Nude Sunbather Ruined This Couple’s Wedding Photos

by Bryce Gruber


What was supposed to be a gorgeous, sun-filled outdoor wedding turned into a chaotic display of disagreement between a couple of newlyweds and a local nude sunbather.

Mark Ling, 49, and bride Mandy Cripwell, 35, had a church ceremony this past weekend and decided to make the most of the perfect summer honeymoon-like weather and head outside for gorgeous photos. The entire bridal party was on board, too, until a local nude sunbather absolutely refused to get out of their shot.

nude sunbather

Mark’s 24 year old son, Marcus, apparently asked the woman to move, too. “I went up to her and asked her to move, and she pretended to be asleep. Later, she was asked again to move by the limo driver and she did, but she left her stuff in plain view.”

What a wedding photography catastrophe! Let’s be honest with each other though — nude sunbathers are ‘ruining’ weddings worldwide, and this isn’t the first example we’ve seen.

“It’s a wellknown wedding spot where you have photos taken, so she would have known it goes on there. Half of Torquay have their wedding photos in that garden.”

Natalie Ling, 28, is another one of the groom’s relatives, and tried to get the nude sunbather to skeedaddle as well. “We all spotted her there and thought she would move, but she just didn’t. I thought ‘how rude!’ She was surrounded by wedding guests, the couple were behind her and the photographer kept calling different people over for pictures – so she knew what was going on.”

What would you do if this happened to YOU on your wedding day?

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