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Meghan Markle’s Wedding Speech Was Groundbreaking

by Bryce Gruber

A whole new kind of royal

While we know Meghan stayed on track with tradition when she opted for a Welsh gold wedding band, Queen Mary’s tiara, and honoring Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, with her bouquet, she opted to break from the pack with her wedding speech. In fact, Meghan Markle’s wedding speech required almost no effort to be groundbreaking, because royal weddings traditionally don’t see a bride speaking publicly at all.

Royal expert, Katie Nicholl, told Entertainment Tonight that Meghan Markle’s wedding speech was “a little bit risqué,” given that royal brides generally don’t speak during the wedding reception. “Usually the bride doesn’t talk. It is, of course, the father of the bride, but seeing there was no Thomas Markle, Meghan decided that she would speak,” Nicholl explained. “I was told she wanted to have the chance to say in person a very big thank you to the royal family, which is exactly what she did.”

Meghan did just that (she’s already such a gracious Duchess, isn’t she?), thanked Prince Charles profusely for walking her down the aisle, and fawned over her new hubby.

“When it came to her new husband, Harry, she said ‘I finally found my prince.’ It was very romantic and sweet,” Nicholl said. “I do know that she thanked her mother, not just for being there today, but for being there her entire life.”


Better yet, when Prince Harry gave his words, he referred to Markle as “my wife” over and over, resulting in near endless cheers each time.

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