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Meghan Markle’s Official Job Title is Public Info Now

by Bryce Gruber

Yes, she has a job title

We’re glad Meghan Markle’s family drama has simmered down and we can get back to all the good, fluffy bits of being royal that we enjoy so much (you know, like her hair, hand-me-down tiaras, the gifts she gives, etc).  Just this week Meghan Markle’s official job title was announced, and it’s every bit as delightful and awe-inspiring as we might’ve hoped.

PCUK/Splash News

Are you ready for this? Seriously, Meghan Markle’s official job title is now “Princess of the United Kingdom.” Sounds surreal, right? This is in addition to her other, more commonly used title, Duchess off Sussex. If you think Princess of the United Kingdom is a joke, think again — Kate Middleton has had the same exact official job title since marrying Prince William, and it seems she and Meghan are now office BFFs.

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Kate, however, has only publicly displayed her other royal title, Princess of the United Kingdom, on the birth certificates of her three children. How’s that for fancy documentation? So jealous.

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