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Meghan Markle’s Hair Color is Everything

by Bryce Gruber

It’s richer than a room full of royals

While everyone is still talking about the Royal Wedding ceremony and how they’ll get access to the reception photos, we’d like to take a minute to focus on the ultra-obvious elephant in the room that nobody seems to be talking about. Meghan Markle’s hair color is absolutely everything, and we’re pretty sure it’s about to spark a major uptick in bridal brunettes.

“She’ll definitely encourage at least a temporary increase in the popularity of darker hair,” says Sharon Dorram, of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York. “At least until summer.”

Meghan, who is known for her elegantly understated beauty routine, vegan lifestyle, and affinity for a certain handsome ginger, uses her hair color as a subtle face-framing element rather than a bold statement. It was a bold departure from the previous royals (although we love them all), and an exciting new direction for famous brides in general.

“She has super subtle chestnut and amber highlights,” Sharon explained to us (and she would know, she’s a favorite colorist amongst top celebrities). “The highs and lows create a rich, chic brown.”

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Her consistently beautiful middle part hairstyles always seem to catch her highlights in just the right way, especially when her tresses are slightly pulled back from her face like they did at St. George’s Chapel today.

We’re obviously excited to see more gorgeous brunettes walking down the aisle in 2018, and excited to share our perfect honeymoon hair secret with women of all hair colors and styles.

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