meghan markle's dog

Meghan Markle’s Dog is Getting the Royal Treatment (from the Queen!)

by Bryce Gruber

Meghan Markle’s dog is living for all of us

In what is arguably the best news to come out of the Royal Wedding since the debut of royal ice cream, we just found out that Meghan Markle’s dog has been elevated to royal status. The adorable furball was seen riding with the Queen herself today, and he’s a rescue.

The Beagle, obviously named Guy, was spotted in Windsor with Her Majesty, peeking out the window of her ride. Meghan Markle’s dog is literally hanging out in the back of a car with the Queen of England and we don’t even know if we should be looking for a dog-language interpreter right now to get an interview with Guy.

Meghan adopted Guy back in 2015, just before he was about to be put down by a Kentucky shelter. He was a runaway found in the woods with no home to go to and then rescued by a Toronto-based organization. It was the Canadian organization’s adoption event that landed Guy a spot in Meghan’s heart. Can we just talk about what a comeback story this is? Guy was running around the woods of Kentucky all homeless and hungry, and today he rides with the Queen. See? Dreams do come true.

Guy has since moved to London with Meghan, but her other dog, Bogart, didn’t come with due to failing health and old age. So sad, because we bet Guy would’ve fancied a carpool with Bogart and the Queen.

We’re so excited for the royal couple’s obviously dog-friendly honeymoon.

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