Meghan Markle’s Daughters Will Not Inherit Her Title

by Bryce Gruber


Rules and royal protocol are bigger than even Meghan Markle’s feminism, it seems, because when she and Harry have daughters together, they will not inherit her title. Actually, make that titles, because she has several of them. Markle is officially known as the Duchess of Sussex, but also carries the title of Countess of Dumbarton in Scotland, and the Baroness of Kilkeel in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately for any future daughters of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry together, they will not carry any of these royal titles on. Sons will have a shot, though.

duchess of sussex meghan markle learns royal protocol

Ancient “peerage” laws that govern family inheritances in the U.K. are responsible for this, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a little bit of change to favor Meghan Markle’s daughters of the future. It’s happened before — in 2013 Queen Elizabeth brought the Succession to the Crown act, which made it so the next king or queen of the U.K. would be decided by birth order rather than gender. That means Princess Charlotte is actually fourth in line to the throne now, instead of what would’ve been fifth since the birth of her youngest brother, Prince Louis.

The 2013 ruling only applies to those directly in line to the throne, though, which means it would take a new set of laws or a literal miracle to allow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughters to inherit their titles, unless they’re appointed honorary titles at birth. It’s possible, but we wouldn’t count on it. What we do know, according to The Independent, is that any future children of Meghan and Harry will be referred to as the Lords and/or Ladies of Mountbatten-Windsor.

Fingers crossed for you, Meghan Markle’s daughters of the future.

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