Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle Will Pack this Depressing Outfit for Her Honeymoon

by Bryce Gruber

…and every trip for the rest of her life

We were excited to report that Meghan Markle’s wedding ring will be steeped in rich, local tradition, but we’re now less excited to report that Ms. Markle is about to embark on a much more depressing royal tradition — and it’s pretty morbid.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Set Wedding Date

According to a number of sources, royal family members are required to always pack a fairly modest black outfit for every single trip in the off chance they need to mourn the loss of an important family member, friend, or statesman. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, that means even as Meghan Markle is packing her most adorable bridal swimwear for a totally royal honeymoon, she’ll have a black skirt suit or dress tucked away in her luggage for the crazy-unfortunate circumstance that may never come about.

While a modest black ensemble never made our honeymoon packing list, we can certainly understand why royal family members such as Meghan Markle (well, soon) need to think ahead beyond those little bottles of color-protecting shampoo and sun protection.

We’re still hoping she checks out our list of dog friendly honeymoon destinations, black dresses and all.

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