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BREAKING: Meghan Markle Has Royal Blood!

by Aly Walansky

We’ve got proof.

A lot of the drama associated with the upcoming Royal Wedding has been haters commenting on how Prince Harry is bringing a  divorced American commoner into the royal ranks. It turns out, though, Meghan is not all that much of a commoner – she  has roots in royalty, too. In fact, her royal roots go back deeper than Harry’s family, the Windsors! Do you hear that, Internet? Meghan Markle has royal blood!

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Meghan has been reported  to be descended from Edward III, she’s a 24th generation descendant of the medieval monarch of England who died in 1377.  This is via data from genealogists at Ancestry, who discovered Meghan is distantly descended from Lionel of Clarence who was the third son of the medieval King Edward III, who ruled England and was Lord of Ireland from 1327 to 1377. This, perhaps shockingly, is on her father’s side.

However, she is also related to Jane Seymour, the favorite wife of Henry VIII! Henry VIII married  Jane just days after beheading  his former wife, Anne Boleyn and  Jane was quite likely in on that plan – she had been Anne’s lady-in-waiting. But Jane’s ending is not happy either, she died in childbirth  just about a year later. Queen Jane is buried next to her husband  at the exact spot Meghan will marry Harry on Saturday: St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle! Jane was a second cousin to Isabel Hildyard, Meghan’s 12th great-grandmother.

The news isn’t all rosy though: King Henry VIII beheaded one of her ancestors, Lord Hussey, first Baron Hussey of Sleaford, in the 1500s. Hope that doesn’t  come up at Christmas dinner…

Credit: Splash News

But that’s not all! Meghan is also related to members of Henry IV’s and Charles I’s courts. And, according to the same data from Ancestry, she is also descended from the man who deposed Edward III’s father (Edward II). Meghan’s 21st great-grandfather and the 1st Earl of March, Roger Mortimer, had fled to France after a revolt that was unsuccessful and then invaded England with the help of Edward II’s wife, Queen Isabella (dramatic times, Roger had taken her as his mistress!). They then captured Edward II,  who went on to  abdicate to his son, Edward III.  Edward III later executed Mortimer. We can sort of see why.

Wow. While we are at it we probably should mention she’s also distantly related to the Queen, and to Harry —  but many times  removed (by our count, the couple would be 17th cousins).

However, that’s pretty common among the Royals (in fact, the Queen and Philip are cousins, too!) – so we don’t judge. In fact, it should make Meghan feel right at home! We’re just glad we could finally prove that Meghan Markle has royal blood.

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