the margarita emoji needs to exist

There’s No Margarita Emoji & Your Bachelorette Party Deserves Better

by Bryce Gruber

Why is there no margarita emoji?

Forgive us for sounding petty, but have you ever been texting your best bridesmaids and found yourself looking for a margarita emoji that didn’t exist. That’s happened to us, and while we’re obviously pleased to see the existence of the whiskey and martini emojis, the blatant lack of margarita emoji representation just seems wrong when there’s a whole world of women just trying to enjoy tequila-filled drinks in celebration of their most special life events.

Options for cocktail-based expressions are currently limited, and it’s sad.

If you’re bold enough to recognize the gravity of this situation, you’ll be happy to know the fine people at el Jimador Tequila didn’t come to play around — they started a 100% legit petition to get a margarita emoji on the 2019 roster of newbies. This is serious stuff, people, pay attention.

The petition reads, “After being snubbed once again in the most recent additions to the popular digital expression announced earlier this month, premium tequila brand, el Jimador, is petitioning for the addition of the margarita emoji, dubbed the
‘MargEmoji’ to the 2019 emoji roster.”

According to historical fact and reference, the margarita is said to have been created in 1938 by Carlos “Danny” Herrera at his Tijuana, Mexico restaurant, a place known for drinks and ambiance at the time.  It is believed he created it for a former Ziegfield dancer who could only drink tequila due to allergies to other spirits (same, though). Since then, the margarita’s popularity has flourished, currently reigning supreme as the #1 bar call in the U.S. as confirmed by the latest 2017 Nielsen CGA survey data (we think it has something to do with tequila being a better choice than some other beverages).

this is the proposed margarita emoji
If you’re wondering, this is the proposed margarita emoji.

Why, oh why, then, are margarita emojis so vastly underserved (read: not served at all)? Like, is there a reason in these modern times that women can’t easily access the proper text-ready graphic image to represent their best cocktail choice?

Use your power. VOTE for the #MargEmoji. Power to the people.

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