14 Things Every Maid of Honor Needs to Carry In Her Clutch

by BridalPulse

A good maid of honor needs to be three things: reliable, trustworthy and — perhaps most importantly — handy. Who else is supposed to help the bride pee in her dress or recover from a wine spill? What about keeping track of runny mascara? You’re the maid of honor for a reason, girl, and that means you need to have it together for the big day (or at least pretend to.)

We’ve compiled a cheat sheet for even the most forgetful maid of honors. Consider these your maid of honor clutch must haves — trust us, the bride (and your fellow bridesmaids) will thank you.

Maid of Honor Clutch Must Haves
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Most importantly, you need a good clutch. Ideally, this clutch will be Mary Poppins-esque and bottomless, but still deceptively small. Stay away from envelope clutches as they tend to look bulky, and opt for a less slim style.

First on the list is your most basic necessity: Tide To Go. How many times has this little pen saved your life when you were out on a date or at work? Wouldn’t it be common sense to bring this thing on the biggest day of the bride’s life, especially when she’s (most likely) wearing white?

Next up is a concealer. Rogue pimples have a way of appearing after booze-filled bachelorette parties, so opt for a creamy concealer that won’t cake on your (or the bride’s) pretty face. We love Urban Decay Naked Skin Weighless Skin Concealer because it’s full-coverage but won’t slip and slide halfway through the reception.

Coming up is a set of bandages. We don’t need to tell you how terrible a pair of heels can be, so save yourself the blisters and bleeding ankles and slap one of these on at the start of any pain.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t forget deodorant! We recommend one that comes in a spray bottle as opposed to a powder or gel, as it’s easier to share and less likely to leave white streaks.

The last thing any bride or bridesmaids wants is to be on her period during the big day, but if your cycle wants to work against you, you want to be prepared. Instead of shoving a bunch of rainbow tampons into your clutch, opt for a pretty pouch to house them. Trust us, it’ll make things way less awkward when you accidentally spill the contents of your clutch on the floor.

Whatever you do, don’t forget a handful of hair ties. Your sweaty neck will thank you. Same goes for hair clips.

The least fun part of any wedding is waiting for the food. Don’t let yourself (or the bride) faint from low blood sugar, and pack a small packet of chocolates or another equally delightful snack. It’ll hold you over until the real food.

Fact: someone in the bridal party will be an utter mess halfway through the ceremony. Avoid raccoon eyes with an extra dose of mascara and a set of makeup wipes. Pack a travel size to keep your clutch from getting too bulky!

Here comes another no-brainer: fashion tape. Chances are, someone in the wedding party (if not the bride herself) either has a low back, a plunging neckline, or both. Keep some tape on hand to capture nip slips before they happen.

The next two things are arguably the most genius: clear nail polish and hair spray. Sure, both can be used their intended purposes, but we personally love spraying a bit of hairspray on runny stockings (try it — it works!) and nail polish can be used to keep a button from coming loose.

Finally, don’t forget the single most important thing any maid of honor can keep in her clutch: a killer flask. A little liquid courage never hurts, right?

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