kim kardashian anniversary gift

Kim Kardashian’s Anniversary Gift to Kanye Was… Unexpected

by Bryce Gruber

Keeping up with the kolors?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary this week, and while you might expect them to give each other seriously posh private jet-fueled honeymoon-style vacations, enormous diamonds, or whatever else Kardashians are accustomed to, no. In this case, the fourth wedding anniversary is the one where you exchange bleached locks.

“Went blonde again for my anniversary it’s @kanyewest’s favorite ???” Kim Kardashian West captioned a video on Twitter on this week. In the video she shows off her freshly-bleached hair through a filter complete with a crown of flame emojis. She posted a similar Instagram story video soon after that read, “Hi, I’m back blonde. Kanye’s favorite is blonde, so I did it for our anniversary.”

Kim, who is queen of the middle part hairstyles club, is constantly breathing new life into hair trends, and we’re wondering if the pin-straight look will come back with a vengeance now that she’s rocking it loud and proud.

As strange of a wedding gift as this may be, at least it’s a welcome departure from focusing on Meghan Markle’s family drama, and it truly is a display of spouses honoring each other’s desires.

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