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Jon Bon Jovi’s Wine is the Only Wedding Rosé You Need Know

by Bryce Gruber

Lay us down on his bed of rosés

It’s not just for elegant New Jersey weddings, either. In fact, Jon Bon Jovi’s wine, a bold rosé, makes no reference to Jersey at all — it’s actually called Hampton Water, probably because rosé is the only reasonable source of summer hydration for the summer Hamptons-goers.

Name aside, we’re formally announcing Jon Bon Jovi’s wine label the only one that matters for New Jersey brides this summer. In fact, if you’re even considering playing any of his iconic music at your reception, Hampton Water is basically a required accompaniment, as it would be somewhat of a sin to not engage in Bon Joviness with all the senses, don’t you think?

hampton water rose, jon bon jovi's wine

“I’m really proud of this rosé,” Jon Bon Jovi told BridalPulse exclusively. “My son has worked really hard on making it a lifestyle thing, too.”

That’s putting it lightly, because the iconic rockstar’s son and co-founder, Jesse Bongiovi, worked hard with acclaimed French winemaker, Gérard Bertrand, to make Hampton Water one of the top rosés on the market.

jon bon jovi's wine hampton water

“It’s fruity, it’s rich, and it’s oaky because we make sure 20% comes straight from the best quality oak barrels,” he explained to us over a glass of the good stuff. And, while rosé isn’t necessarily as new or groundbreaking as CBD cocktails or signature wedding drinks, the idea of serving the same wine Jon Bon Jovi drinks, well — that’s a priceless flavor note.

It’s currently available in New York, New Jersey (if Jon Bon Jovi’s wine wasn’t available in Jersey, we’d all but give up), most of the East Coast, Illinois, and Nevada at a retail price of $25. You can order it online, too.

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