meghan markle and queen elizabeth ii

Is Prince Harry a good husband? This is what Meghan Markle says.

by Bryce Gruber

Are you surprised?

Sure, he’s handsome and charming, but is Prince Harry a good husband? The Duchess of Sussex is just off her first royal train ride and public appearance tour with the Queen, and it’s pretty clear she’s still in a honeymoon state of mind, and completely distanced herself from all her prior family drama.

It was at her first outing with the Queen in Chester, England that Meghan revealed what citizens of the crown (and the rest of the world) really want to know — is Prince Harry a good husband? The answer is a perhaps not-shocking, “yes.” We’re really excited about this, too, because Meghan’s whole fairytale existence is totally deserving of the best happy ended ever — a happy marriage.

“It is wonderful,” Markle told a fan in Chester of her marriage to Harry so far. “I’m really enjoying it.”

The fan then said she told Meghan, “I said to give our love to Harry and to look after him,” and she replied, “I will. That means an awful lot to us. He’s the best husband ever.”

Can someone pass us a tissue? There’s a little something in our eyes right now.

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