How to Wash a Wedding Veil: 101

by Bryce Gruber

A top laundry expert taught us the proper way to wash a wedding veil.

If you’re frantically googling “how to wash a wedding veil” because you’re either working with a vintage wedding gown, wearing your mom’s, or tragically spilled something on your brand new bridal veil — don’t worry. Your gorgeous wedding has been saved, because we caught up with top laundry and cleaning expert to break down the easiest and safest way to save that beautiful wedding veil.

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“Lace is much more of a challenge than your standard t-shirt,” explains Taylor Nations, product development manager at ECOS. “Throwing lace garments or textiles directly into the wash can damage these special items, even on the delicate setting. Lace items can get tangled, ripped, stretched or unraveled when jostled around together in a washing machine. It’s best to hand-wash all lace items separately with cold water and a gentle detergent.”

This is a project that’ll take a little time, so get ready to commit at least an hour of your life and a day or so for active drying time. While this task may sound daunting, the idea of using a professional dry cleaner to get your veil spotless may sound less appealing when you realize they often charge $75-200 for vintage lace cleanings. There goes an extra centerpiece or your perfect bridal updo, right?

How to wash a wedding veil comes down to technique

“We suggest applying a bit of detergent directly to the item and rubbing it into fibers, focusing on especially soiled areas,” shares Taylor. “Then allow the item to soak for a bit, waiting longer for dirtier items. Rinse with cold water until the rinse water is free of suds. It’s equally important to lay your lace items flat to dry, rather than putting them in the dryer because in the same way they can be damaged in the washer, the dryer can cause tearing, stretching or tangling.”

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She stresses that washing delicates should always be done with cool water, and you can kiss your laundry machine goodbye for this project — there’s no such thing as a “safe” cycle for a wedding veil of any kind, style, or age. She strongly recommends using an enzyme-free laundry detergent like ECOS Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent, because although enzymes are great for breaking down stains, they can actually be far too tough on delicate fibers like lace.

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