7 Beauty Products to Pack On Your Honeymoon

by BridalPulse

In your life, there are three important occasions to pack for: college, the birth of a child and, of course, your honeymoon. It’s your first trip as part of a married couple — you want your choice of products to reflect your new status and be the first page in the next chapter of your new life.

Not sure what to pack for the week (or two, or three…) of one-on-one time? Keep scrolling.

A sunscreen serum

Honeymoon Packing Beauty Products

This might seem like a no-brainer, but a powerful sunscreen is a must, especially if you and your new hubby are planning on hitting the beach. We’re particularly loving the new serum formulas that just hit the market for their ultra-light, streak-less formulas. The best part? This bottle would totally fit in any carry-on.

A lip mask

Honeymoon Packing Beauty Products

It’s your honeymoon! All that kissing, sipping on cocktails and sleepless nights are going to add up to dried up lips. Not fun. Instead of opting for a basic lip balm, opt for an intensive lip mask that will help treat and moisturize your poor pout.

A salt spray

Honeymoon Packing Beauty Products

If you pack virtually no other hair products, you absolutely have to pack a salt spray. Salt sprays are essentially the ocean air in a bottle: they create beach waves on even the most lip strands. They also leave your hair manageable, tangle-free and without any unruly frizz (unlike the beach.)

A shimmering body oil

Honeymoon Packing Beauty Products

Whether you’re headed to the beach or on a Parisian getaway, you’re bound to be wearing something that shows a little bit of skin. Use a shimmering body oil as you would a highlight and place only on the features you want to accentuate: your decolletage, collarbone and tops of your shoulders. If you’re baring your legs, dot a few drops on your legs for a glow that’s sure to leave your new boo speechless.

A lip and cheek tint

Honeymoon Packing Beauty Products

If you’re packing a carry-on, multi-use products are your friend — you’re pressed for space, after all! Make sure your cheek products can do double duty and work on your lips, too. A multi-use lipstick and blush will not only save space, but it will create a pretty monochrome look that’s universally flattering and all the rage.

A balancing moisturizer

Honeymoon Packing Beauty Products

While skincare might not be your top priority on your big trip, it’s arguably just as (if not more than!) important than your makeup! A balancing moisturizer will help combat all those beachside cocktails and nights spent without a wink of sleep. Trust us: your skin will thank you.

A volumizing mascara

Honeymoon Packing Beauty Products

We can’t attest whether this mascara really is better than sex, but it’s definitely up there. Stubby-lashed brides, this one’s for you.

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