honeymoon in texas

Honeymoon in Texas: 6 Absolute Musts

by Bryce Gruber

Togetherness in the Lone Star State

We love the idea of more local honeymooning, and the idea of honeymoon road trips is catching on around America. Couples are setting off on wild, only semi-predictable adventures driving from city to city, exploring and eating their way through each one while they get some much-needed alone time after months of wedding planning. Plus, did we mention a honeymoon in Texas could save you serious cash after an expensive wedding? Here are eight absolute musts to make your trip perfect:

Pick either two or three city destinations to focus on

honeymoon in texas
San Antonio city square

In our case we drove from Austin, Texas to San Antonio, Texas. We think your best bet is to stay in each city for two to three nights at a time to keep your honeymoon in Texas fresh and exciting. While you can definitely spend longer in each city you choose, the emphasis should be on building your relationship and love rather than scouting every single historical site.

Definitely stop for local, Mexican-style ices along the way

honeymoon in texas frozen ices

It’s no secret that Texas is hot and ripe with Mexican culture and flair. In fact, it’s the Tex-Mex cuisine that makes a honeymoon in Texas so much more appealing than anywhere else — and frozen ices are popular just about everywhere. If you’re honeymooning in San Antonio, consider it your obligation to stop at La Nieves, a popular and totally casual drive-up frozen ices stand in a residential part of the city.

las nieves honeymoon in texas

Just about everything on the menu is under $3, so if you have a hard time choosing between cherry, lime, watermelon, tamarind, or other deliciously authentic flavors, just get ’em all. This is probably a good time to remind you to bring all your best skin serums, sunscreens, and hair protectants — it’s hot, dry, and sunny in Texas, and you’ll be enjoying the outdoors quite a bit.

Make sure your car is WiFi-equipped

honeymoon in texas wifi
Inside the Chevy Equinox

Whether you’re driving your own car or renting one for your honeymoon in Texas, it’s essential you have loads of easy, accessible WiFi. Long days on the road together mean you’ll want to FaceTime family and friends, upload all your adventures to your Instagram accounts, and catch up on browsing through your wedding photos — because you know that’s when your photographer will send them over.

honeymoon in texas hotel emma
Chevy Equinox

We’re in love with Chevy’s latest lineup of cars, including the Equinox we drove, which feature easy to use WiFi that’s fast and foolproof. You won’t have to wonder or stress if you’ve gone over your monthly data allowance with your cellphone.

Make time for local nature

Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio
Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio

Just about every area of Texas is ripe with gorgeous, local nature you’d kick yourself for missing. We ventured over to the extremely romantic Japanese Tea Gardens that are part of San Antonio’s Breckenridge Park, and we’re so happy we made the time. The entire scene is out of a storybook — loaded with koi ponds, Insta-perfect scenery, lush plants and landscapes, waterfalls, and basically the best backdrop for couples photography we could ever imagine. The garden is even open for wedding receptions, which is pretty neat if you ever consider a vow renewal ceremony down the road.

Hit all the local festivals

honeymoon in texas fiesta

Texas love to party, and just about every major city in the state has loads of local festivals on their calendars, ranging from food to music, history to culture. We made time to experience San Antonio’s local spring Fiesta celebration, which is definitely a must-experience event for people of all ages and backgrounds.

honeymoon in texas
Credit: Benjamin Gruber-Kohana

Texan festivals typically include boisterous marching band music, colorful costumes, and a near endless assortment of flavorful street foods.

Make time for a picnic

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin

Texas is known for wide open spaces, nature reserves and preserves, and expansive landscapes. We visited the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center near Austin to take in the views, sweet floral scents, and enjoy a picnic-style lunch from the back of the car. Plus, we think the photos of your honeymoon in Texas will be that much better with a serene, floral backdrop.

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