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Cutest Honeymoon Dress and Accessories, SUPER Discounted Right Now

by Bryce Gruber

So cute!

Have you finished working on your honeymoon packing list yet? We hope not, because it’s time to add a few more lines — we just found the cutest honeymoon dress and adorable accessories at steep pre-4th of July discounts right now. Better yet, you’ll be able to wear these pieces for a long time to come.

The Mia Off the Shoulder Crochet Dress from Haute Rouge is great for a beachside dinner, over your bridal swimwear by the pool, or just about anywhere you might walk on your dog-friendly honeymoon (yeah, those exist). It’s normally $87 (still affordable), but right now it’s marked down to $57, meaning you’ve got budget leftover for the new Reef bridal flip flops.

honeymoon dress

If you’re feeling frisky and on a honeymoon fashion buying binge (we support that, we’re not here to judge), just about everything at Nina Shoes is on sale now too — and they have oodles of bridal options, and obviously fun flats that’ll pair perfectly (and comfortably) with this ideal honeymoon dress. The discount of 20% or greater is applied after you add items to your shopping cart.

We’re especially enthused about theseĀ dazzling Sabrina flats that’ll take you from the pool to the dining room in a jiffy.

nina shoes sabrina flats


This Nissa Jewelry choker is super trendy, affordable, and a good look with a crocheted white honeymoon dress. You’ll end up wearing it everywhere.

On perhaps the most practical note yet, Levears is also offering 15% off right now, and if you plan to wear big earrings with your honeymoon dress (we’re picturing something pretty tropical for you), you’ll definitely want a pair of these. Droopy earlobes be damned! Check out how they work:

earlobe lifters

Pretty neat, right? We’re betting this is the product you never knew you needed, but will wear on your wedding day and to those semi-casual dive-in movie nights.

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