himalyan pink salt benefits

6 Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits You Need to Know About

by Bryce Gruber

You don’t even have to eat it

You’ve probably heard about Himalayan pink salt by now — whether you saw it at the natural foods store, a spa, or even at your local doctor’s office touting health properties. What you may not know is that Himalayan pink salt benefits stretch far beyond ingestion, and wellness experts are using it environmentally and topically to provide a long list of health-improving aspects.

Himalayan salt is actually a pink, crystal version of salt that’s found almost exclusively in the Punjab region of Pakistan, and is considered a health-rich substance thanks to an abundance of minerals not found in regular table salt. Himalyan pink salt benefits include 84 minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. In fact, it’s that copper and iron that’s said to give this special salt it’s gorgeous pink hue, and if you’re feeling like these minerals sound a bit familiar, it’s because the composition is similar to that of Dead Sea salts and their benefits. Impressive, right?

Here are 6 ways to reap Himalayan pink salt benefits:

Use it to disinfect

Pink salt is anti-bacterial, and it purifies the air by absorbing humidity and pollutants. It mineral content also helps to break down mucus and relaxes smooth muscles, like the ones found in your airways,” explains Dr. Lana Butner, a naturopathic doctor based in New York City.

It balances your body’s pH levels

“When our electrolytes are balanced, so is our acid-alkaline ratio. This ratio is crucial to our cellular health, immune regulation and proper functioning of our musculature. Pink salt is also highly regarded as one of the best and most natural ways to boost your respiratory health,” adds Dr. Butner.

Drain excess lymphatic fluids

himalayan pink salt benefits

“One of our unique offerings at the Stowe Mountain Lodge Spa is our Forest Bathing Treatment which incorporates the Himalayan Salt Stones as a deeply relaxing tool highlighting this treatment. This Forest Bathing Treatment is 100 minutes long and goes beyond the normal scope of traditional massage.  We utilize dry skin brushing to clear the lymphatic system and warm Himalayan salt poultices in the palms for grounded relaxation and then we massage using the Pink Himalayan Salt Stones which contain 84 trace minerals which absorb into the skin,” shares Laura Mara, lead therapist at Stowe Mountain Lodge, a Vermont hotel already famous for their CBD cocktails and world-class skiing. You can mimic the treatment at home by using their Himalayan pink salt hearts, which they ship around the world. You can call 802-760-4782 to have one shipped directly to you.

Improves circulation

himalayan pink salt benefits


According to Laura Mara, both ingesting small quantities of this pink salt and using it topically can help improve circulation. Her spa treatments use it as a scrub, rub, and skin-absorbed mineral source. One of the many Himalayan pink salt benefits is that the minerals are so easily absorbed through skin’s pores, and rubbing the skin with it increases circulation while deeply embedding the many attributes of the crystals.

Himalayan pink salt benefits air quality

“Pink Salt Lamps are strategically used to absorb humidity, positive ions and other pollutants in the air, which all naturally benefit a serene spa waiting room atmosphere,” says Dr. Butner. Positive ions are said to create skin, hair, and respiratory issues — so conceivably, the negative ion production of Himalyan pink salt would be a good thing for one’s overall wellness.

It adds much-needed minerals to your body


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“Table salt goes through a refining process before it ever reaches your table,” says Dr. Butner. “This process strips the salt of almost any mineral content other than sodium chloride, and the occasionally added iodine. On the other hand, the pink coloring that you see in Himalayan salt is telling of the high mineral content within the granules. Consuming Himalayan pink salt is a more natural way to balance electrolytes and pH levels than by buying those prepackaged electrolyte powders sold at supermarkets.”  Dr. Butner suggests sprinkling a small amount into a glass of water to start each morning, preferably about 1/4 teaspoon.

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