Get Excited: Cheese Wedding Cakes Exist

by Bryce Gruber

Cheese wedding cakes are a thing.

Are you the one who was wishing on a lucky star for the existence of cheese wedding cakes? No, we don’t mean typical cream cheese cake turned into a wedding-worthy display. We mean literal wheels of delish cheeses stacked and designed to appear as the most magical wedding cakes of all time, marking the beginning of totally #blessed alternative wedding cakes.

Credit: Isabelle Selby Photography

“The cheese wedding cakes are often served either during the cocktail hour, as guests are enjoying a glass of wine, or later in the evening as a dessert course,” explains Leigh Power, catering manager at Murray’s Cheese in New York City. “Cheese for dessert is traditional in France, so this is a great fit, and you really can’t go wrong with a glass of Champagne and a sampling of delicious cheeses!”

It’s that element of delicious pairing ability that has made these gorgeous round cakes a popular pick, especially because the size options are nearly endless.

Credit: Josh Wong Photography

“Each cheese comes in its own specific size and shape. Parmigiano Reggiano is a 90 pound wheel that is about one foot across, and Brie is a one pound wheel that is only one inch high! It is important to select the wheels of cheese that will stack to create the visual look of a tiered cake, but also with a variation of milk types, ages and textures. The larger wheels used for the base of the tower are often aged longer and harder in texture. The top wheels are usually fresher cheeses, that are soft and spreadable.”

Credit: Murray’s

If you’re located in New York, Murray’s welcomes you in to talk and shop all things cheese, but the cakes are also available for order nationally.

“We can work with anyone across the country to create the perfect tower for any celebration. Many cheeses are seasonal, so you want to be selecting the wheels closer to the date of your wedding to ensure availability. It does take time to coordinate all the details of the tower, so it is ideal to reach out a few months in advance. That being said, we have so many cheeses in stock at Murray’s, so even if it is last minute, if you are in New York City, we can still work with you to customize an option with less time.”

If you’re the type of person to invest in this low-carb cake option, you’ll probably also want to brush up on these cheese-inspired baby names for your future. If you’re vegan, you’ll want to opt for a version that’s got a safe microbial rennet for your dietary needs.

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