floral nails at rodarte

Forget Bouquets, Floral Nails are Big Right Now

by Bryce Gruber

Floral nails are having a major moment.

Forget all the traditional news about big wedding bouquets, purple wedding bouquets, and flowery lace dresses — floral nails are the latest addition to the bridal style game, and they’re having an especially big moment right now. We’re totally here for the trend, too, because wedding or not, floral nails are gorgeous.

floral nails

These particular looks were the brainchildren of veteran nail genius to the stars, Tracylee, at Rodarte’s Paris Couture Week, but it’s pretty clear the floral nails look easily applies to anyone with a sense of outdoors-in, whimsy, and femininity. The look uses real flowers, dried and fresh, for a 3-D floral nails experience that’s just as appropriate at your wedding as it is at Coachella, but honestly — doesn’t the idea of holding a regal bouquet with bouquet-like fingertips just seem poetic? It does to us.

floral nails at rodarte in paris

The colors Tracylee used for the Rodarte presentation looks are Morgan Taylor’s Sugar Fix, and All White Now. Both are popular choices on their own for wedding nails, but are brought to life with floral additions. Now you’ll just need to add a few extra bottles to your honeymoon packing list in case you want to recreate the look the following week while you’re somewhere sunny.

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