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Flaky Lips? Not On Your Wedding Day!

by Bryce Gruber

*Kiss, Kiss*

As you prepare for your wedding day (hello wedding dress shopping), consider your bridal hair options, and mull over your beach makeup for the waterfront ceremony, you should add one more little thing to your to-do list: getting rid of that pesky flaky lips issue.

The last thing you want in your photos is the distraction of flaky lips from your otherwise gorgeous, loving smile, or the appearance of clumpy lipstick due to the flakes beneath. But don’t run out for any harsh lip exfoliators just yet, and forget that old school washcloth trick.

“Aggressive lip exfoliation is not a great idea,” warns¬†Doris¬†Day, a top New York City dermatologist, professor, and author of Beyond Beautiful. “You don’t have follicles on your lips, and the skin is thin, so there’s very little to exfoliate. It can irritate the lips and make them bumpy.”

So what’s a bride to do about her flaky lips before her wedding day? Focus on gentle exfoliation, which is easier than you might think, and while we may expect flaky lips to be an issue solely during the cold days of winter, they’re actually an issue all year, thanks to sun, wind, dry air, and other contributing factors that can leave lips dry and flaking. Bad habits like lip biting and excessive sipping, can add to the issue, too.

“Using products that very gently help skin cell turnover can keep the lips smooth and supple,” says Day. “But you absolutely must hydrate after to protect against water loss. The hydration makes the lips appear plumper, too.”

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Hydration is everything, because the last thing you want for your kiss by the altar is the appearance and feeling of dry, cracked lips. Opt for a formula with a rich, balm-like texture like Sara Happ Coconut Lip Scrub, which is loaded with gentle sugar exfoliants and natural oils like jojoba to seal moisture in.

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