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From One Bride-to-Be to the Next: Should You Have An Engagement Party

by Katherine Callaghan

For any newly engaged couple, this is one of the most exciting times of your new lives together! If you’ve been engaged for a couple of months, the next order of business is for you and your fiancé to decide if you would like to have an engagement party.

My fiancé and I knew from the start that we were going to have a long engagement. First, we wanted to enjoy our time as an engaged couple. We also needed an ample amount of time to plan and save for our dream wedding in 2018 (it also doesn’t help that I’m slightly indecisive so that delays things a bit). Since we opted for a long engagement, we decided to host an engagement party with our closest family and friends. We had our engagement party about 6 months after we got engaged, and the fabulous thing about engagement parties, anything goes when it comes to engagement party planning!

Unlike the tight wedding timelines, there’s a lot more freedom when it comes to engagement planning. Couples can opt to have an engagement party as soon as a month after they get engaged to about a year after they’ve been engaged. The party can also be as informal or as formal as you like– think anything from a casual backyard get together to an elegant affair are totally acceptable!

Engagement parties are generally a lot smaller than weddings. The engagement guest list usually consists of your closest family and friends, and for the wedding, you invite your extended family. Keep in mind, whoever you invite to the engagement party it is proper etiquette to invite them to the wedding. If your guests attend your engagement party, they are excited and happy for you and look forward to the wedding in the upcoming months. Don’t put yourself in the awkward situation down the line when your guests are waiting for a wedding invitation that will never come.

One of the most important things I want to stress about engagement party planning is your goal should be to keep everything the opposite from your wedding. While you might not know your wedding color scheme or wedding flowers, I’m sure by this point you have a general idea as to the type of wedding you will be hosting. For example, if you want a formal sit-down for your wedding then opt for a buffet dinner at your engagement party.

My fiancé and I opted to have a semi-formal affair. I wore a white Marchesa gown, and while I’ve read on other wedding sites to avoid wearing white to your engagement party, I’m deciding to wear white to all of my wedding festivities (I take my role as bride-to-be very seriously).  To help save cost, I put together the centerpieces, favors and flower arrangements (a DIY segment on this coming soon!). While I am a crafty individual and love party planning, I learned that I definitely can’t do all of this myself the day of the wedding!

Of course, you are not required to have an engagement party. Many couples opt to not have an engagement party if they are choosing a short engagement.  I wanted an engagement party because it was a great opportunity to have both of our families meet and celebrate!