DIY Wedding Décor: Uplighting in 3 Easy Steps by Rent My Wedding

by Rent My Wedding

One of the hottest trends to alter the mood of a venue for weddings and special occasions is uplighting. Couples frequently tell us that uplighting made more of an impact in transforming space and garnered more compliments than any other reception decoration. “Uplights” are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue. These lights illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light. Thanks to modern technology, there are uplights available that are extremely user-friendly, allowing anyone to set them up! Here is everything you need to know about uplighting, from determining the quantity of lights to the hassle-free setup in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:  Determine Quantity

The first step is to determine the quantity of uplights needed.  Not to worry, this is actually quite easy!  Just answer two simple questions:

1. How big is the room?

2. What’s your lighting style?

  • Dramatic “wow” effect
  • Beautiful but not over-the-top
  • Subtle splashes of color

For the dramatic “wow” effect lighting, space uplights 5 feet apart around the perimeter of the venue.  This provides maximum coverage and completely washes the walls in color.  Alternatively, space lights 10 feet apart around the room for “moderate coverage.”  This is perfect for creating an elegant ambiance and setting the mood, without being too dramatic.

For couples who want to add color without breaking the bank, targeted accent lighting is the best option. We suggest using 4 – 8 uplights to highlight specific areas, such as the cake table, head table, or dance floor. Or add a subtle pop of color by placing one uplight in each corner of the room.

Once you have decided which lighting style is right for your reception, calculate the number of uplights needed based on the size of your venue.  To make things even easier, check out our cheat sheet below.

Step 2:  Rent Uplighting

Buying uplights for a wedding can be quite expensive!  The best and most affordable alternative is renting uplighting locally or online.  You can rent them for as little as $19 per uplighting.

Step 3:  Setup Uplighting

Setup your uplights before the wedding, or ask a friend to help if the venue only allows setup on the day of the wedding.  It takes about one minute per uplight.  Uplighting can be programmed to just about any shade of any color. TIP:  Program colors ahead of time! This way you can choose your perfect color even if delegating setup duties, and it saves time on the day of setup.

diy wedding decor how to set up uplights

Our clients are always amazed at just how quick and easy it is to setup uplighting. In our experience, uplighting is also one of the most “bang for your buck” wedding décor items. Not only does it transform the venue, but also it sets the mood of your wedding reception.  For example, coral uplighting creates a romantic ambiance, blue uplighting sets the mood for an epic dance party, and purple uplighting provides an elegant atmosphere!

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