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The 7 Most Important Tips When Creating a Wedding Hashtag

by Katherine Callaghan

Incorporating social media into your wedding has become the new norm. As a bride walks down the aisle, the iPhones are out in full force taking snaps of one of the most memorable parts of the wedding. Your guests look forward to sharing pictures from your big day and the wedding hashtag is the perfect place, for both the couple and the guests, to see pictures from the wedding.

The wedding hashtag has become increasingly popular, but creating an effective hashtag that represents the couple and is memorable, requires a lot of thought and creativity.   Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you put together your #weddinghashtag.

Hashtag Availability

It seems obvious, but check that the hashtag you are thinking hasn’t already been taken!

Keep Things Short

For a hashtag, the shorter the better. You want it to be memorable and easy for guests to remember. Keep things short, sweet and to the point.


There are so many initial combinations to do that it may be easiest to get out the good ‘ol pen and paper and see what makes sense! For example, your first initial and his first initial and then add your new last name!

Last Names

If both your last names are short, you may be able to include both last names in your hashtag!  great! If not, try doing something creative with the first few letters of your last name combined with the last few letters of his last name. You can even use the number two to symbolize you’re going from one last name to another. For example, you can do something like “Smith2Bryn2017.”

Your Wedding Date

Adding your wedding date to your hashtag makes it personal and memorable. You can choose to add the month and date or you can just add the year. Either way, you can’t go wrong adding your date!

Puns ARE Intended

Have fun with your hashtags!  Adding some play on words will make for fun wedding signage when you share your hashtag with your guests. There’s no harm in having your guests chuckle every time they type your hashtag, right?

Ask Family and Friends

You’d be surprised how creative your relatives can be. My cousin actually created a hashtag for my fiancè and I before we even got engaged! Everyone thinks and processes things differently so asking for help from your loved ones may open some new hashtags ideas you would have never thought of!