cow cuddling

Cow Cuddling is a Real Activity Now

by Bryce Gruber

Because dreams come true

Remember when you were a kid and your class took a trip to a local petting zoo and you actively imagined all the ways you wouldn’t have to get back on the bus? You know, so you could camp out, living next to the cows, surviving on homemade goat cheese as the righteous seven year old you were, and doing nothing but cow cuddling all day long? Same. We get you. We SO get you. Now you can do that with your bridesmaids entourage, obviously in lieu of all those other, much more expensive gift ideas.

Mountain Horse Farm in Upstate New York is offering what everyone’s always wanted — cow cuddling sessions that just about anyone can sign up for. Better yet, there’s real science that says cuddling up to animals can be great for mental health, which means a trip to a cow cuddling farm is just the wedding anxiety busting treatment your soul has been searching for.

cow cuddling
Cow cuddling is real, people

“I am originally from the Netherlands and cow cuddling was ‘invented there,” Suzanne Vullers of Mountain Horse Farm told BridalPulse exclusively. “So I heard about it when I was there on a visit back home.” She says the farm’s “pet cows” offer the maximum snuggling potential. “I think all breeds are suitable, but we like to use individuals that enjoy being with people.”

We get that, and we salute it.

cow cuddling
Maybe this cow is willing to offer hair advice, too?

“Guests who book our cow cuddling can expect to spend time with our pet cows. It’s a very relaxing experience,” shared Suzanne. “Brushing, petting, sharing space, and snuggling up to the cows while they are laying down,” are all on the table as acceptable cow cuddling activities.

We happen to think this is the cutest idea ever for a bachelorette getaway or even the next step up from a dog friendly honeymoon, because who needs the health hazards of drinking when the health benefits of cuddling are an option?

One of the real cows at Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, New York

Cow cuddling sessions are 90 minutes each and go for $300, and yes, they’re available for warm-hearted bachelorette parties. You can make reservations in advance by visiting this link.

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